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Copperhead Industries was established in 2004. When asked to improve on traditional tracer wire practices, Copperhead owners went to work. Starting with natural gas utilities was a challenge that proved to be well worth the rigorous testing needed for approval. With over half a billion of feet sold and installed since, Copperhead Industries is the world leader in Copper Clad Steel Tracer Wire. The high strength steel core coupled with the excellent conductivity of a copper outer layer and tough high density polyethylene insulation available in all APWA colors, make Copperhead the ideal choice for tracer wire. Because of fewer breaks during installation and better durability during service, both the total installed costs and life-of-project costs are lower.

Copperhead Xtreme pipe bursting tracer is the toughest, most durable tracer wire for pipe bursting and critical boring applications. Copperhead offers a complete tracer wire system that includes: The SnakePit® magnetized tracer box. SnakePits® are used for your tracer wire termination points. The SnakeBite® connectors for splicing the wire and service connections for that must have corrosion resistant connection. The Copperhead grounding anode for a far-end ground and precise locates. And finally, the ViperMag locator that is affordable, easy-to-use and loaded with features that make locating simple and accurate. This complete system ensures the greatest traceability.

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