Source One Environmental

Source One Environmental began with a desire to provide innovative support to municipalities, contractors and plumbers in the water management and infrastructure rehabilitation markets. They went to great lengths to engineer what is today known as Pipe-Patch, a No-Dig trenchless pipe repair second to none. These trenchless pipe solutions not only solve infrastructure issues, but include on-sight consultations, training and education for professionals to ensure successful repairs.

Source One also offers a number of products devoted to extending the life and repairing sewer infrastructure while minimizing excavation listed below.

  • Quad-Cure lining: fiber glass pipe liners that can be installed without digging.
  • TYGERPatch: creates mainline to lateral seal repair, without access to the homeowner’s property or disrupting live flow to the mainline.
  • UV Light System: creates a seamless 360° full loop mainline repair with non-shrinking components.
  • Hurricane Drain Cleaning and Reinstatement: high quality, all-metal, American made cutting tools.
  • Quadex: expansion & crack repair materials for rehabilitation of manholes, water & sewer pipes and tanks.
  • Inspection Technology: portable remote operated vehicles and push cameras that increase user ability to diagnose downhole issues.

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